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Freeze (/) is one of the main mechanics the game resolves around. It disables Movement keys, jumping, the Hook, and weapons for a few seconds. Currently hooked tees get released. Drag parts are based on the fact that one tee is frozen. Hammerrun and throws are used to get through wider freeze walls. In pairs, tees can also go through one tile freeze walls with Aled.

Unfreeze Time

By default, tees get frozen for three seconds when touching freeze. You can see the remaining freeze time by watching the freeze bar below the tees. In older versions of the game, you could see the remaining time by counting the stars floating out of the frozen tee each second.

The timer only gets updated every second a tee is inside freeze. Therefore, the time to unfreeze can change depending on when you enter the freeze. So a tee that is longer in freeze might end up being unfrozen quicker.

Touching Unfreeze / clears the freeze status. It is also possible to unfreeze a Tee by hitting it with the Hammer or Laser.

If a tee is inside a freeze tile when it is hit, the tee is then only unfrozen for one tick, allowing weapon, movement, and jump input for that tick.[1]

While hook input is possible, the range and duration is greatly limited for the one tick it is active; it will only pull tees within 4 tiles.

In the switch layer a different number of seconds of freeze time can be set up. In 1-second freeze, weapon inputs can be executed once each second they are held down. However, movement, jumps, and hook are not possible.

Deep Freeze

Additionally, tees can get into deep freeze by touching the deep freeze tile /. Tees in deep freeze can be identified by the hurt eyes they make.

Deep freeze refreshes the Freeze state every second to a three-second countdown. The only way this effect wears off is by touching Undeep ; touching Unfreeze has no effect. The Undeep effect then wears off, but the Tee stays in Freeze mode for at least 2-3 seconds.

Live Freeze

Another independent form of freeze is the Live Freeze Tile , which disables Movement and Jumping, but doesn't affect the Hook or weapons. After touching the Live Freeze Tile, the tee stays in Live Freeze until it touches Live Unfreeze .

Freeze Jump

A freeze jump is a technique where a tee jumps in one tile high freeze. Typically, the tee does not have double jump, which allows the tee to hold jump. It is rather inconsistent, though made easier with high vertical velocity.

In deep freeze, a freeze jump is always guaranteed for any speed or height.

Freeze Skips

Generally, freeze and related tiles are unskippable by fast movement only, but one tile walls can be dashed through with Ninja without touching the tile.

If a tee is able to get enough height, it is possible to go through freeze and fall until the tee unfreezes. Because the freeze timer is only checked every second, sometimes a tee can enter freeze early in order to unfreeze as soon as possible. In such situations, entering too early would incur an additional cycle while entering too late would begin the timer too late.

Due to the imprecise hitbox of tiles like freeze and tele, it is possible to pass through the corner of two non-adjacent freeze tiles, but it is extremely inconsistent without a setup.


Tees also get frozen by the heart entity, freezing Tees for 3 seconds. However, heart have some differences with the common freeze tile:

  • The heart hitbox is bigger than the freeze tile, this means that a heart above another solid tile will freeze you anyways.
  • The heart (among other entities) can also move around combined with the slow and fast speeder tile.

Note that in Vanilla-based game modes the heart is just a healing object.