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"Throwing" is a common technique that allows Tees to cross large gaps or reach places they cannot access alone. Many maps require players to throw a tee to complete a part, but it is also frequently used as an alternative to other techniques such as hammerrun. Some examples as to where throwing can be a really useful tool:

  • Throwing a tee over a floor covered with freeze tiles to help them get to another frozen tee that's far away from the platform: this will allow them to use their double jump to start a hammerhit safely.
  • Throwing tees to places they cannot reach alone: Could be an elevated platform, a weapon pickup that's high above, or through a gap of freeze.
  • With an extra tee in your team, you can throw them ahead and get them later when playing in hammerhit or hammerfly parts. This is useful because hammerhitting as three tees or threeflying is way more unstable and Special:MyLanguage/Common
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It doesn't take much time to learn TeeThrow, just spend 10 minutes with your dummy and you'll start to get the hang of it.

TeeThrow is when you hook your friend, and in a jump you hit him in the direction you want. firstly try to learn how to flip your friend into jumps below you. The next step is to learn to catch the moment when he's close enough to you, that's when you need to hit him in the direction you want

Also, TeeThrow can be performed not only to the left or right, you can also throw the tee up, for this hook your friend, and in the jump make a circle so that the tee is above you