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There are various teleporter available in DDNet. They are used to teleport back to the beginning of drag parts or to narrow down the space to navigate through with different techniques.


There are two kinds of teleporter tiles teleporting tees to the to-tele . The original/blue teleporter and the evil/red teleporter which additionally resets the velocity of the teleporting tee to 0 and releases all hooks to the tee. Both reset the hook of the player going through the tele, even though that can be overwritten on some maps with the tune command sv_teleport_hold_hook 1. Normally the evil teleporter type is used, unless the context of the map requires the velocity to be kept. Teles can have the number 1 up to 255. Touching a tele (/) on a map without a corresponding to-tele ignores the tile and no teleportation is happening.


There is an additional teleporting system including checkpoints . It teleports to the checkpoint-to-tele tile with the same number as the last touched checkpoint tile . There is also the separation between blue checkpoint teleporter and red checkpoint teleporter with the same semantic as above. When no checkpoint tile was touched or no corresponding to-tile exist, the tee teleports to a spawn tile .


The weapon teleporter can teleport projectiles and laser from all weapons. They to the same to-tele as the standard tele tiles.


The hook teleporter teleports to the standard to-tele as well. When the hook gets teleported, the hook range is measured from the to-tele tile, extending time and range the hook can fly. Each time the hook gets teleported, the hook direction changes to to the current looking direction of the tee.