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A drag part is a part in a map where you must Hook a tee through a tunnel of freeze, typically through corners and hookthrough. Drag parts are very common in maps. Some maps are entirely made up of drag parts, with only a few non-dragging sections. This is the case for most maps of the DDmaX category.


As the hook lasts only 1.25 seconds, a rehook is needed to keep the tee hooked. Many drag parts purposely make rehook spots scarce in order to force the player to carry out a certain set of moves.

Wall hammer

A tee is able to Hammer another tee through a 1-block wall, provided both tees are aligned against the wall. The timing is tight and the hammer must be aimed directly horizontally. Wall hammers are usually used to send a tee further upwards, but can also be used to push a tee away from a wall.

Ground hammer

Similar to a wall hammer, a tee is able to hammer another tee through a 1-block ground, provided both tees are aligned against the ground. The timing is very tight and the hammer must be aimed directly vertically. Ground hammers can either halt or add to a tee's horizontal momentum, depending on the timing.

Edge hook

Edge hook is a technique that allows you to hook tee without being near a corner

If a tee is aligned into a corner, you can hook them from a distance away as long as you aim straight at the corner.

Edge hook with speed (Speededge)

This is a technique where you take speed off your partner (or dummy) in order to travel enough distance.

The edge-rehook is needed to travel that distance.

Edge hook with grenade (Rocket-Edge)

A Rocket-Edge is essentially using the Grenade launcher to get to a surtain position in order to be able to edge-rehook and travel the distance that is needed.

You can find these kind of parts on a higher difficulty map.

Delayed hook

If you wait a bit more when rehooking, you can make the tee you are dragging go up to 4 tiles under instead of 1 - further tiles require a hammer or downwards speed on the frozen tee.

Drag maps in DDNet

Some maps consisting solely of drag parts are called drag maps. Sorted roughly by difficulty.