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Aled is an advanced technique used to unfreeze tees across 1 tile freeze walls with the Hammer.

Main Setups

There are a few common setups to initiate and perform an aled. They all revolve around getting more than half of your partner's tee on the other side of the freeze and hammering them.

Grounded Horizontal Aled

Grounded Horizontal Aled

Stand between the freeze and your partner. Jump and hook them slightly upwards to lift them off the ground, then follow with a double jump as you drag them under you and across the freeze. Release the hook before they get in position so the momentum from swinging under you carries them far enough. Make sure you're close enough to hammer them before doing so.

Mid-air Horizontal Aled

Mid-air Horizontal Aled

Most commonly used in maps like Stronghold, when you've been hammerhitting beforehand, or after a hammerfly. Much like the grounded version, you need to lift your partner up a little bit before double jumping and dragging them under you, where you'll release the hook so they get in the aforementioned position to be hammered.

Upwards Vertical Aled

Upwards Vertical Aled

A more difficult of the different aled methods. Simply toss your partner upwards, double jump into them and time your hammer so it hits before they cross the freeze on the way down.

But this option becomes much easier when you are on the ground and there is a freeze tile directly above you. In that case, all you have to do is two hits - one to push tee up so that it's above the freeze, and second one to unfreeze him.

TODO: add information about downwards aled

Transitioning from Aled

When getting hit through a 1 tile freeze, you need to be ready to react by doing anything that will lead into your friend crossing the freeze with you. Most commonly, people will do one of these two actions:

  • Let their partner fall in the freeze and proceed to hammerhit.
  • Hold hook while aiming at their partner to hammer them while still in the air. This often leads into a hammerfly.

How to Practice

Aled is often very punishing to fail, yet it also requires a lot of practice to succeed consistently. You can practice easily by doing the following steps:

  1. Find an empty server with good ping, and change the map using /map grandma or /map aled.
  2. Connect your dummy, and join a team using /team [number between 1-63] (example: /team 5), and locking it using /lock.
  3. Enable practice mode by typing /practice with both your main tee and your dummy. This will enable the use of /r which teleports you to the latest safe ground your tee touched.
    Tip: Use the F1 console to bind /r to a key by typing: bind [key] say /r. Example: bind g say /r.
  4. Go to the right side of the map to unsolo, and practice performing an aled on the pillar of freeze. If you fall in the freeze, type /r to be saved.