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Hammerhit (hh) is a technique most commonly used to unfreeze tees that are below you.

To perform the technique:

  1. Fall or jump so you are above the frozen tee
  2. Cancel your downward momentum by jumping, then pull the tee up with your hook
  3. Move slightly left or right (tapping either A or D) so the tee does not bump you on its way up
  4. Hammer the tee when it is directly to the left or the right of you
  5. This should unfreeze the tee, and they will be able to save you if you fall into the freeze afterwards

Now second tee should repeat this cycle.

Hammerhit is not always used just to save fallen tees, and is a viable way of moving across a long row of freeze tiles. However, Hammerfly is a better and faster option if the area around the freeze has no low ceiling.

Easier variation

Some maps use an easier variation of hammerhit by placing unfreeze tiles above the freeze.

Then only hooking the tee out of the freeze is necessary.

This can be used as an intermediate step to learn/practice hammerhit.

With freeze above

Hammerhit in a 4-tile high corridor with freeze above

On certain parts hammerhits are made harder with freeze tiles above. To mitigate for that you need to make sure not to hammer the other tee too high. Try to vary how long you hold your initial hook, you can hold it up until a short moment after the hammer to negate most of the height gain.

If there is little space above, then a common technique is to land on the tee that is in the freeze before using double jump.

Transitioning into Hammerfly

When frozen and being saved from above, it's useful to transition into a hammerfly to get some height and get away from the freeze.

When another tee is about to hammerhit you, hold hook while aiming directly at the other tee, who will most likely be under you. Depending on the quality of the hammerhit, you might need to stabilize the fly by tapping left or right.