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    Upon starting the game, you will be prompted to set a name, afterwards it will ask whether you want to play the tutorial map - it is recommended you do so. It will show you how to do basic movement with some visual aid.

    From the main menu, click on Play and then select a server, it is recommended that new players join Novice servers. The default filter already has the word Novice on it, so you will only see those.

    Note: It is common to refer to a player physical character as a tee, so this guide will do so starting from here.

    Basic controls[edit | edit source]

    • Move left and right with A and D, and jump with Space.
    • Aim with your mouse - note that your cursor inside the game is locked to a large circular region around the center of the screen.
    • Hook with right click. Hooking allows you to hook onto hookable tiles or other tees.
    • Fire/use your current active weapon with left click.
    • Emote with ⇧ Shift. Most of the communication in DDNet can happen without even chatting, as tees often use the pistol to signal where to go and express how they feel about a map part using emotes, such as the tear drop emote for a faily part.

    Main Mechanics[edit | edit source]

    Hook[edit | edit source]

    The hook reaches about 11 blocks, although the range is slightly different whether you hook a hookable tile or a tee (due to hitbox differences).

    Hooking a hookable tile will accelerate you towards the end of the hook until the maximum hook speed is reached (about 20 blocks per second).

    Hooking a tee both pulls the tee towards you at a fast rate, and you towards the tee at a slower rate. A tee hooking another tee physics are governed by strong hook and weak hook.

    Freeze Tiles[edit | edit source]

    A tee inside a freeze tile will be continuously frozen (recognizable due to changing to a ninja skin) and unable to move. On a standard freeze tile, you will continue to be frozen for 3 seconds after being outside a freeze tile. If another tee hammers a frozen tee, it will become unfrozen unless you are deep frozen.

    On older maps, there may be a heart tile which acts like a freeze tile, but has a bigger hit box.

    Jumping[edit | edit source]

    By pressing Space one can jump. Tees have a ground jump and an air jump, but it is possible to have more than 1 air jump.

    A wall jump can be achieved on walls marked with a wall jump tile, it requires the tee to touch the wall while falling down.

    Weapons[edit | edit source]

    A tee always starts with the following weapons:

    • Hammer-diag.png Hammer: Used to unfreeze others, do drag parts and other techniques.
    • Pistol-diag.png Pistol: Used for communication with other tees.

    These are weapons that can be collected in maps that feature them:

    • Shotgun: Shoots a laser that bounces on walls and pulls others towards you (or the last bounced position).
    • Grenade: Shoots a grenade whose projectile pushes tees outwards upon exploding.
    • Laser: Shoots a laser that bounces on walls and unfreezes tees.

    Basic Techniques[edit | edit source]

    TODO: A short overview of the most basic techniques that will be useful early on, such as hammerfly, hammer throw/run.

    Personalizing your tee[edit | edit source]

    TODO: A short overview of how to change one's skin, name, clan, laser color, etc.

    Get in touch[edit | edit source]

    TODO: Link to places where the community is active, such as discord.