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Download the game

You can download the DDNet client to play Teeworlds here.

Join your first server

Upon starting the game, you will be prompted to set a name. Afterwards it will ask whether you want to play the tutorial map - it is recommended you do so. It will show you how to do basic movement with some visual help.

From the main menu, click on Play and then select a server. It is recommended that new players join the Tutorial map. It is best to play only Novice servers at first, then when you understand the basics of the game you can move on to more challenging map types, like Moderate or DDmaX. To see these maps, remove the word 'Novice' from the filter.

Note: It is common to refer to a player's in-game character as a tee, so this guide will do so starting from here.

Basic controls

  • Move left and right with A and D, and jump with Space.
  • Aim with your mouse - note that your cursor inside the game is locked to a large circular region around the center of the screen.
  • Hook with right click. Hooking allows you to grab onto hookable tiles or other tees.
  • Fire/use your current active weapon with left click.
  • Use an emote with ⇧ Shift. Most of the communication in DDNet can happen without even chatting, as tees often use the pistol to signal where to go and express how they feel about a map part using emotes, such as the tear drop emote for a faily part.

Main Mechanics


The hook reaches about 11 blocks, although the range is slightly different whether you hook a hookable tile or a tee (due to hitbox differences).

Hooking a hookable tile will accelerate you towards the end of the hook until the maximum hook speed is reached (about 20 blocks per second).

Hooking a tee both pulls the tee towards you at a fast rate, and you towards the tee at a slower rate. A tee hooking another tee physics are governed by strong hook and weak hook.

Freeze Tiles

A tee inside a / freeze tile will be continuously frozen (recognizable due to changing to a ninja skin) and unable to move. On a standard freeze tile, you will continue to be frozen for 3 seconds after being outside a freeze tile. If another tee hammers a frozen tee, it will become unfrozen unless you are deep frozen.

On older maps, there may be a heart tile which acts like a freeze tile, but has a bigger hit box.


By pressing Space one can jump. Tees have a ground jump and an air jump, but it is possible to have more than 1 air jump.

A wall jump can be achieved on walls marked with a wall jump tile, it requires the tee to touch the wall while falling down.


A tee always starts with the following weapons:

  • Hammer: Used to unfreeze others, do drag parts and other techniques.
  • Pistol: Used for communication with other tees.

These are weapons that can be collected in maps that feature them:

  • Shotgun: Shoots a laser that bounces on walls and pulls others towards you (or the last bounced position).
  • Grenade: Shoots a grenade whose projectile pushes tees outwards upon exploding.
  • Laser: Shoots a laser that bounces on walls and unfreezes tees.

Basic Techniques

TODO: A short overview of the most basic techniques that will be useful early on, such as hammerfly, hammer throw/run.

Personalizing your tee

Most of the personalization can be done in the settings.

Player Tab

Here Name, Clan and Flag can be set for the main tee and the Dummy.

Tee Tab

This tab allows for changes to the ingame appearance.

  1. In this field, the name of the skin can be manually entered (case sensitive). This is necessary when using a skin that is not listed in the big list below.
  2. If this setting is checked, the settings for the dummy can be edited.
  3. This enables the use and display of skins from a database. If this is disabled and another player uses a skin that is not available locally, the default skin will be displayed instead.
  4. In the official skin database, skins are divided into "normal" and "community" skins. When this checkmark is set, community skins, which may appear less "teelike," will be downloaded.
  5. This disables all but the original vanilla skins, even other local ones.
  6. This is just a fun setting to fool around with. However, other players can only see the effect, if they have enabled it as well.
  7. Some skins have multiple variants. For example, in the screenshot, the selected camo skin and coala_cammo can be seen. In this case, "coala" is the prefix. With this field, variants for such skins can be easily switched, although the same result can be achieved by using the variant directly.
  8. Here, the eyes that the tee will use when joining a server can be set.
  9. This setting allows for the customization of the body and feet colors of the tee.
  10. This button opens the website of official Skin Database.

More skins can be found in the Skin Database (10) in order to use these (3) needs to be enabled and (5) disabled. To use community skins, (4) needs to be checked as well. To apply the skin, the name of the skin has to be entered or copied into (1).

There are other databases like with even more skins than the official database. But they have to be integrated separately to use.

Appearance Tab

Here are settings about the HUD, Chat and other general visuals located. Other players cant see the effect of these settings.

Assets Tab

Here can ingame textures be selected. Common places to get Assets are Discord and Other players cant see the effect of these settings.

Get in touch

more resources or looking for non-English-speaking communities can be found here.