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The shotgun fires a straight beam and is a mobility focused, automatic weapon. The beam is the same as the Laser and will reflect off walls and ends by either hitting a tee or by reaching its maximum range.

If a tee (your tee or another tee) is hit, it will be pulled towards the beam. The pull can be used to build up speed in any direction.

Horizontal Movement

To build up speed horizontally, a tee needs to be hit by a shotgun shot coming its way.

With 2 Tees

  • Get the 2 tees to face each other at a distance
  • First tee starts running
  • Second tee shotguns the first tee

Keep in mind that it is much more efficient if the first tee reaches full walking speed before it gets shot!

By Yourself

  • Seek out a block that you can hit with a horizontal shotgun shot
  • Run towards it, line up your shot
  • Hit yourself by shooting the block and having the shotgun beam reflect off it
  • Dodge the block (usually by jumping)

Just like with 2 tees, its much more efficient if you make sure you’ve reached full walking speed before your shot hits you.

Vertical Movement

Note that if we have 2 things that lift up upwards (eg. a jump, shotgun shot from above, hook, etc.), using them in combination will have a much greater effect.

With 2 Tees

When you need to pull up an unfrozen tee that is out of hooking range:

  • Lower tee jumps
  • Upper tee shoots the lower tee right after

When you need to pull up a frozen tee that is out of hooking range:

  • Shoot the lower tee a couple of times
  • Hook it, once it is in reach
    • If the tee doesn't reach hooking range after being shot multiple times, you can try to bounce your first shot off a nearby wall, then continue to shoot the tee directly(learn more). This will pull the tee further upwards as the first two shots will hit the tee in faster succession.

By Yourself

Similar to gaining horizontal movement by yourself using the shotgun:

  • Seek out a block that you can hit with an vertical shotgun shot
  • Aim at the block, just slightly to the side
  • Jump, shoot right after
  • Dodge the block by moving to the side

Without some upwards starting momentum (here given by the jump), the shotgun shot won’t get you very high. However, when you already have some upwards momentum from another source (e.g. being thrown up by another tee), you can go through the same steps leaving out the jump.

Advanced Indirect Shots

In harder maps you will be required to build up horizontal or vertical movement without a convenient placed block to reflect your shotgun shot off.


To build up horizontal speed, you can reflect your own beam off the floor you are walking on. With the correct, very precise angle, the beam will push you forwards, giving you the desired boost.

  • Aim forward and a bit downwards
  • Get to walking speed
  • Shoot

It didn’t work?

  • If you were slowed down by the beam or if the beam reflected off behind you, aim higher.
  • If the beam missed you and went in front of your tee, aim lower.

Keep in mind that the correct angles changes with your speed!


Similar to the horizontal trick, you can also use a wall to get vertical momentum with the shotgun.

While your horizontal speed usually stays constant while you are running, your vertical speed changes steadily due to gravity. So while the trick is the exact same as the horizontal one, the correct angle for your shot changes constantly during your jump.

  • Stand directly next to the wall
  • Aim up and a bit to the wall
  • Jump, shoot right after

It didn’t work?

  • If you were dragged down by the beam or if the beam went above you, aim further into the wall.
  • If the beam missed you and went in below your tee, aim further up.

Corner vertical method

Also you can pull yourself up when falling down and shooting in the bottom edge.

  • Stand directly next to the wall
  • Aim bottom and a bit to the wall
  • Double jump and shoot before you fall on a ground
  • Jump from a ground

Keep in mind that the correct angles changes with your speed!

Advanced Behaviour

  • Whenever a shotgun beam hits a wall, there is a brief delay before it gets reflected off the wall
  • Since the Shotgun is an automatic weapon it can be held down to shoot indefinitely, which also allows you to directly shoot on unfreeze
  • The beam does not in fact drag you in the direction it came from. Instead, it pulls your tee towards the origin of it, so either where it was shot from or from the last point it reflected off. This is also the reason why the advanced indirect shots work.
  • When two tees overlap, the use of Shotgun will bring very high speed, which can even pass through the stopper.