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Em zCatch os jogadores estão lutando com o objetivo de pegar todos os outros jogadores. Você pega outros jogadores batendo neles com sua arma. Quando um jogador é pego, ele tem que observar o apanhador enquanto ele está vivo. Se o apanhador for pego por outra pessoa, todos os seus tees capturados são liberados e reaparecem. O jogo para quando um jogador pegar todos os outros jogadores.


zCatch is based on a German ball game played in schools during physical education called "Zombieball"[1]. In zCatch, players are fighting with the goal to catch all the other players. You catch other players by hitting them with your weapon. When a player gets caught, they have to spectate the catcher while he's alive. If the catcher gets caught by someone else all their caught tees get released and respawn. The game stops when one player has caught all other players.

Você pode liberar jogadores capturados pressionando sua tecla de matar, vinculada a k por padrão. Ele liberará o último jogador capturado e enviará uma mensagem.

Existem dois tipos de zCatch:

  • zCatch com laser
  • zCatch Grenade com granada. Diferente do Special:MyLanguage/Vanilla, as granadas não infligem auto-dano, permitindo que os jogadores aumentem constantemente a velocidade.

Only zCatch Laser and zCatch Grenade were played seriously. Other variants were mostly unbalanced and played for fun than for the competitive aspect of it.

Linha do tempo

  • 2010-01-06: zCatch por 0.5 lançado por Erd com base nas regras de Zombieball[1]
  • 2011-06-05: zCatch baseado na 0.6, é liberado por TY <3[2]

Termos usados com frequência

  • "rls": Liberar; O jogador está pedindo para você soltá-lo.
  • "rls?" ou "rls game?": O catcher(apanhador) pergunta se tem de libertar os jogadores apanhados.


The first implementation of zCatch which was created by erd (nowadays occasionally seen under the nickname erdbaer) was, at least remotely, inspired by the first fng mod which was closed source and whose servers were called "Blumentopf FNG" which erd attempted to clone but seemingly arrived at zCatch.

Since Teeworlds 0.5 and at least half of the Teeworlds 0.6 era were focused on the instagib laser rifle variant of zCatch, where your primary weapon is a laser rifle which instantly kills, hence catches, your opponents.

After a long period of people playing the 0.6 zCatch of TT <3 (Teetime), and no real continuation of the mod's development, especially the grenade version of it, Teelevision forked Teetime's GitHub source tree and continued development.

zCatch transitioned from primarily being laser focused to primarily being grenade focused around that time, when Teelevision took over.

Since the dawn of zCatch, the minimal number of needed players in order to be able to win a round was 5. At some point in the grenade launcher era, Savander forked Teelevision's zCatch and introduced a basic ranking system while also increasing the number of people required to win a round to 10 and reversing the color transitions to be from red to blue (0 players caught to 15 players caught). This shifted popularity towards the DDNet zCatch servers. Afterwards Teelevision also introduced a ranking system while keeping the number of required players to win a round at 5.

DDNet and Teelevision continued to host zCatch servers of both variants (laser and grenade) until the official end of Teeworlds 0.6. During that time most players were playing on DDNet's zCatch.

Towards the end of Teeworlds 0.6 the number of players on zCatch dwindled, leading to the number of those previously introduced 10 required players to end a round to be met less and less while the normal zCatch mechanics, where you catch players and those players join the spectators until the player who caught them dies, still persisted. In terms of gameplay, while not being able to end a round, it was usually pointless to catch and keep players caught, thus the term "release game" was born. It is basically gDM without the possibility to win the game where caught players are manually released by the player who caught them. It was a fair form of a warm up where everyone could continue playing the game until enough players joined the server to actually play and win a round of zCatch. Usually after 10 players joined, the game transitioned to the normal zCatch mechanics where everyone stopped releasing everyone else they caught and started playing the game. Players were still released in case of (unwanted) random kills (term: spray) or spawning players in order to improve fair play. At some point, primarily new players introduced to the mod, started to demand "release game" (short: rls game) to be played even after the required 10 players were on the server to play a proper round of zCatch, basically undermining the whole principle of the mod.

After the release of 0.7 a lot of people still continued to play zCatch on Teeworlds 0.6. That changed when TeeSlayer released a port for Teeworlds 0.7 with most basic mechanics needed for zCatch, no ranking, just the raw gameplay mechanics. Players then slowly transitioned, tho not completely, to Teeworlds 0.7.

That is when jxsl13 started to implement zCatch from scratch for 0.7 trying to tackle a lot of the shortcomings of the Teeworlds 0.6 versions and adding all of the missing features that TeeSlayer's version was missing. The resulting zCatch version is the one that is played to this day.

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