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Vanilla is the umbrella term for all game modes developed by Teeworlds developers. They currently comprise of CTF (capture the flag), DM (deathmatch), TDM (team deathmatch), LMS (last man standing) and LTS (last team standing).

All of the game modes are round based. The round end if either a score limit or a time limit is reached. In team based game the team with the highest score wins and in player vs player game modes the player with the highest score wins. Team based game modes are arranged in two teams: red and blue.


CTF was introduced alongside with TDM to Teewars 0.3 in 2007-12-15[1][2]. It is a game mode where two teams, each having a flag, are trying to capture the other team's flag, located at the team's "base", and bring it safely back to their own flag at the base. Capturing the flag adds 100 points to the team score. There is usually a score limit or a time limit in a CTF game.


Deathmatch is the original Teeworlds (then Teewars) game mode. The goal of a deathmatch is to kill as many other players as possible until the round ends. One kill is worth one point. Self inflicted death by falling out of the map, falling into kill tiles or last hitting yourself with the grenade reduces the score by one point. The player with the highest score at the end of the round wins.


Team Deathmatch was added alongside with CTF to Teewars 0.3 in 2007-12-15[1][2]. It has the same rules as Deathmatch, but players are arranged into two teams. The team score is the sum of all player scores within the team.


Last man standing is like deathmatch, but with respawn disabled. The player surviving the longest wins.


Last team standing is the team variant of LMS. The team eliminating the other first wins.

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