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    zCatch is a Teeworlds modification that players need to catch all the other players to win. It based on the rules of Zombieball. The current implementation is developed by jxsl13, while the original one is developed and released by erd on 6 January 2010.


    zCatch is based on a German ball game played in schools during physical education called "Zombieball"[1]. In zCatch, players are fighting with the goal to catch all the other players. You catch other players by hitting them with your weapon. When a player gets caught, they have to spectate the catcher while he's alive. If the catcher gets caught by someone else all their caught tees get released and respawn. The game stops when one player has caught all other players.

    You can release caught players by pressing your kill key, bound to k by default. It will release the last player caught, and will send you a message.

    There are two kinds of zCatch:

    • zCatch with laser
    • zCatch Grenade with grenade. Different to Vanilla, the grenades do not inflict self damage allowing players to constantly build up speed.


    • 2010-01-06: zCatch for 0.5 released by erd based on the rules of Zombieball[1]
    • 2011-06-05: zCatch based on 0.6 gets released by TY <3[2]

    Common Terminology

    • rls: release. The player is asking you to release him.
    • rls? or rls game?: The catcher asks if he has to release the caught players.

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