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    FNG (short for "freeze and grab" or "freeze next generation") is a Teeworlds modification played in teams with Laser and Hammer. The current implementation is called fng2, developed by Jupeyy. The original 'Freeze' released on 28 February 2009. This mod aims to freeze other tees with laser and throw them into spikes to gain points.

    Gameplay[edit | edit source]

    FNG2 is played in teams where players are divided into red and blue teams and come with two weapons - laser and hammer. With the Laser you can freeze opponents (usually lasts for 10 seconds) and with the hammer you can melt team mates. The laser is used to freeze the enemy player (usually 10 seconds), while the hammer can be used to unfreeze the other players on your side, or hit the opponents into the spikes. During that 10 seconds you can gain points by throwing the frozen tee into spikes. Depending on the kind of spikes you gain or loose points. You gain points with normal or your own team spikes and loose points when throwing into opponents spikes.

    The solo variant is solofng2. All other gameplay is the same as in Team Mode, except where players fight alone against all players. But because there are no teams, you will not lose points.

    The normal Teeworlds physics apply mostly, but the hammer is slightly stronger than the default hammer making throws easier. However, the hammmer would not be stronger when you hammers teammates, making it easier to unfreeze teammates (each hit reduces the remaining freeze time by 4 seconds).

    History[edit | edit source]

    The current implementation is called fng2, developed by Jupeyy. There are several predecessors to this implementation. One being openFNG for Teeworlds 0.6 by fstd[1][2], maintained from 2011-2015. The solo variant was called soloFNG. The FNG gameplay is an advancement of the Freeze mod[3] fixing the long freeze times of players just laying around making it a bit boring.

    Timeline[edit | edit source]

    • 2009-02-28: Freeze gets released[3]
    • 2009-03-26: FNG gets announced by Magic Merlin, written by Tom (based on Teeworlds 0.5)[4]
    • 2011-05-16: fstd publishes openFNG a FNG implementation based on Teeworlds 0.6[2]
    • 2012-04-23: Fifi releases boomFNG (FNG with grenade launchers)[5]
    • 2013-06-04: soloFNG by TsFreddie[6]
    • 2016-11: FNG2 by Jupeyy[7]
    • 2020-01: FNG2 port to Teeworlds 0.7[8]

    Common Terminology[edit | edit source]

    Common Terminology#Common FNG Acronyms and Terms

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