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Death can be caused by the death tile , by going too far out of the map (>200 tiles), by issuing a kill command bound to k by default or by disconnecting from the server. The death tile has a larger hitbox than most other tiles like Teleporter and Freeze.

The death tile is skippable with enough speed, but not directly with Ninja due to its bigger hitbox. However, a ninja dash is able to skip a pair of death tiles if they are placed diagonally to one another.

When a tee dies, all their projectiles (grenades and pistol bullets) are removed from the map. However, lasers and shotgun lasers are not necessarily removed, unless the sv_destroy_lasers_on_death 1 is enabled.

Kill Protection

When racing for a long time on a map (>20min) a kill protection kicks in, overwriting the kill command to prevent accidental killing. At this point, sending /kill via chat is necessary in order to kill and restart the map.