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Jumps are triggered by pressing space. They allow you to maneuver upwards, in order to avoid obstacles and reach platforms you would otherwise not get to. On a jump, your tee will get propelled upwards. The velocity will wear off over time until gravity pulls you down again.

In Teeworlds you have two types of jumps:

  • You will ground jump whenever you are standing on some kind of floor
  • The double jump (or air jump) is used while mid-air

You will usually have one ground jump and one double jump at your disposal. You regain all your jumps when touching the ground or the jump refresher tile .

Ground Jump

The ground jump is only possible whenever you touch the ground. Since it is programmed in the way that it sets your vertical velocity to a certain value, it will disregard any other vertical boosts you gain at the same moment. When started the vertical velocity is set to 13.2. A ground jump makes the tee reach a height of 5.69 tiles. Once you don’t touch the ground anymore, this jump becomes unavailable.

Double Jump

The double jump is available once you are in the air. The vertical velocity is set to 12 when activated. Interestingly, since it sets your vertical velocity to a certain value like the ground jump does, you can manually use it to cancel all vertical velocity. It doesn’t reach as high as the first jump and only reaches 4.62 tiles at its peak. Together with the ground jump you can get up to 10,31 tiles.

The brightness of the tee's feet indicates if the double jump has already been used. When the double jump is not available, the feet are darker.

You get your double jump back the next time you touch the ground. You can double jump after jumping off the ground and also after walking off a platform.

Wall jump

When wall jump tiles are placed next to the wall, you can regain all your double jumps by touching the wall with the wall jump tile while falling down. You can only get your jumps back one time per touch, so you have to leave the wall to use wall jump again.

Changing the number of jumps

The number of jumps can be changed by the jump count setter tile from the switch layer. Setting the jump count to zero disables both ground and double jumps. When it is set to one you can use it either as a ground jump or as a double jump. In cases where you have more than one jump (n>1 jumps), the amount will divide in 1 ground jump and double jumps for the rest (n-1). So when leaving a platform without using the ground jump, you still have only n-1 jumps.

Infinite jumps

There is also the infinite jump tile giving the tee infinite double jumps until the infinite jump off tile is touched.

Advanced Behavior

  • Whenever you hold the jump-key, you either trigger a jump instantly or trigger a jump as soon as it is available to you. This can be used to jump as soon as you touch the ground
  • When timing a jump right before getting frozen, you will both get frozen and double jump at the same time
  • If you do not have your double jump, it is possible to jump in one tile high freeze with enough vertical velocity. This is known as a freeze jump.