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    The game world is a rectangular, two-dimensional grid of tiles. Tees can interact with each other and the world through collisions, weapons, switches, and more.

    Border Tiles

    If tiles are placed on the border of a map, they will repeat infinitely in the game world. Example: A tile placed at X: 0, Y: 4 results in tiles repeating infinitely to the left.


    The game world is contained within a killbox, which starts 200 tiles past the border in each cardinal direction. The killbox is made up of kill tiles, but are unique in the sense that they share the standard DDRace tile hitbox rather than a kill tile hitbox. Any projectiles (grenades, bullets) will have their lifetimes ended upon impact with the killbox. This allows one to Grenade jump using the killbox as a "wall".

    Border tiles take precedence but will not overwrite killbox tiles.

    Although it may seem possible to skip past the killbox with a tele laser, any tees past the killbox border will automatically be killed, even if they are positioned past the visual killbox.