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    DDNet maps consist of tiles. Which physics layer exists are shown in the table below. To get descriptions of specific tiles in the layer, click the explain link on the right and hover the tile.

    Layer Preview Description Explain link
    Entities overlay DDNet entities overlay.png Entities allow you to see how the map you are playing looks internally, leaving out the map textures. Bind the ‘Show entities’ key in the controls to toggle between textures and entities. https://ddnet.org/explain/
    Game layer DDNet editor entities.png Primary tile layer of maps. Includes most of the relevant tiles. https://ddnet.org/explain/game/
    Front layer DDNet editor front.png Secondary tile layer of maps. Excludes collision blocks and adds tiles that are only relevant when layered over other tiles. https://ddnet.org/explain/front/
    Tele layer DDNet editor tele.png Teleporter tile layer of maps. Includes all relevant tiles for teleporters. https://ddnet.org/explain/tele/
    Speedup layer DDNet editor speedup.png Contains the speedup tile. Necessary due to its unique properties. https://ddnet.org/explain/speedup/
    Switch layer DDNet editor switch.png Switchable tile layer of maps. Contains activators and deactivors, as well as all tiles that can be turned on and off. https://ddnet.org/explain/switch/
    Tune layer DDNet editor tune.png Contains the tune zone tile. Changes physic properties. https://ddnet.org/explain/tune/