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    You only have a hammer.

    The goal of this game mode is to hammer others on the spikes or out of the map. When you hammer a tee, the knockback strength against that tee increases (the strength is indicated with the skin color).[1]

    The hearts decrease your knockback and the shields protect you against adding knock back from 1 hit. The ninja gives you a super hammer for 5 hits (see your hearts bar), hits can be configured through autoexec.cfg

    Configuration[edit | edit source]

    # start with 300 hammer strength, increase by 60 for each hit
    sv_hammer_start_strength 300
    sv_hammer_hit_strength 60
    # when you hook or hammer a player you score for his death for 10 seconds
    sv_score_time_hammer 10
    sv_score_time_hook 10
    # super hammer respawns every 40 seconds, increases your hammer strength by 800 and lasts for 5 hits
    sv_hammer_super 1
    sv_hammer_super_spawn_time 90
    sv_hammer_super_strength 500
    sv_hammer_super_number 5
    # enable killing spree messages and send them every 3 kills
    sv_killing_spree 1
    sv_killing_spree_msg_kills 3

    Changelog[edit | edit source]

    • Version 3.0:
      • Updated to teeworlds 0.7.4
    • Version 2.3:
      • Updated to teeworlds 0.6.5
    • Version 2.2:
      • Added killspree messages
      • Balanced ninja super hammer
    • Version 2.1:
      • Added Super Hammer (pickup the ninja to get it) and a cfg for it.
      • Added sv_hammer_super_spawn_time
      • Added 4 new maps
      • Changed skin color scale.
      • Added autoexec.cfg and commands to personalize more the mod.
      • Fixed a error executing the server on windows.
      • Hook also count as kill, but hammer has more priority.
      • Added message when trying to kill yourself.
      • Allow utf8 in player names.

    References[edit | edit source]