Skin Creation

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Skin files are 32-bit RGBA formatted in a 2:1 ratio. Each side of the image must be divisible by 4 pixels.

To create a skin, you'll need the appropriate software before you begin. It's advised to use a vector graphics image editor, as they produce clean exports and are easy to edit. Some popular choices are:

Next, it's time to start making your skin. It's easiest to start from a pre-existing skin, or a template file. This GitHub repo contains many .svg remakes of popular skins. Let's take a look at the default skin .svg:


As we can see, each body part has a corresponding black shadow version.

The black shadow of each body part is the outline used in the tee as a whole.

Make sure these share the same shape as each body part, but with a larger stroke size.

Body Parts Rendering order

TODO: verify this is correct
  1. Hand outline
  2. Hand
  3. Back feet outline
  4. Body outline
  5. Front feet outline
  6. Back feet
  7. Body
  8. Left eye
  9. Right eye
  10. Front Feet