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Hookfly is a flight technique for two tees. It uses the hook and is a lot easier with a wall of hook through between the two tees. Parts usually force you to use hookfly instead of hammerfly by removing the ability to hammer other tees with the hit others off tile . The hit others off tile can be reversed with the hit others on tile . Hit others can also be disabled map wide with the sv_hit 1 map config or the disable hit map config tile .

Initiating hookfly (with a wall of hookthrough):

  • Each tee is on either side of the wall
  • One of the tees jumps up and hooks the other tee as high as possible
  • After each hook, the currently higher tee hooks the lower tee

Each hook will pull the lower tee significantly higher than the other tee was. You will gain height with each hook and you are able to fly upwards indefinitely.

To initiate a hookfly mid-air, one tee has to cancel its fall speed by double jumping and hooking the other tee up.


Hooking the other tee the moment you are just barely above them won’t get the other tee very high. Instead, wait a little longer until your tee has reached a decent height and the other tee is still within your hook range.

Without hookthrough wall

Without the wall, you will have the problem of bumping into each other, which will break the rhythm.

To counteract the missing wall, move away from the other tee whenever you are hooking. You must move far enough to not collide, but you have to stop moving before the other tee has to hook in order to not mess up its aim.

Horizontal Hookfly

For horizontal flight, the 2 tees will no longer have a side dedicated for each, but will instead move around each other in a circular motion.

To hookfly horizontally:

  • Stand apart from each other
  • The tee that stands in the desired direction:
  • Repeat this process: whenever you are above the other tee, hook them, then move in the direction of the fly shortly after each hook


Hitfly is a variant of hookfly that uses the hammer to gain additional height. To do this, jump above the other tee and hook it upwards, hammering it while it is next to you. You also have to move to the side to avoid bumping into the other tee.

Basically, hitfly is a very precise chain of 2 tees taking turns throwing the other tee.

  • Initiate it by having one of the 2 tees throw the other tee upwards
  • Repeat the process by having the thrown tee hook the other tee right before it gets hammered and using the hook to throw once again

Only the currently hooking tee moves. Move to the side after the start of the hook to avoid bumping into the other tee. Optionally, move towards the other tee again if you are out of hammer range.

If you fail the hammering, simply continue the cycle and you should be able to continue the fly.