Zonas Configurables

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A tune zone is a non-interactive tile entity that changes the physics or other basic behavements in a specified zone. There are 45 tunes that can be applied

Creating tune zones

By clicking the Tune button at the top of screen, you will be able to select different zone numbers, just like switch layer numbers. After selecting a number, place the zone tiles wherever you want (press space and select the light blue square). Next, you have to specify your tunes to each of the zone numbers. You can do this by bringing up the Server settings menu by clicking the button in the bottom right, and then typing in the Commands: field.

Assigning zones

Adding a tune to a certain zone number

tune_zone [number] [tune] [value] Multiple tunes can be added to the same zone by repeating the command above with a different tune setting.

Displaying a text message when a player enters a tune zone

tune_zone_enter [number] [message] Note that the message needs to be in quotation marks.

Displaying a text message when a player exits a tune zone

tune_zone_leave [number] [message]