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‎ This template is for the links on the main page to reduce the repetition and ease translation. It is meant to be used in combination with the tile template.


  • {{TileLink|{{Tile|entities|3}}|Jump|Death}} results in ‎ Death:
    • Shows the unhookable tile from the entities layer (for the usage see Template:Tile
    • Shows the text "Death"
    • Both the image and the text link to the Jump article

The display text is optional, when not provided, the Article title is used:

  • {{TileLink|{{Tile|entities|3}}|Jump}} results in ‎ Jump

This could be translated to another language (for this example to german):

  • {{TileLink|{{Tile|entities|3}}|Jump/de|Tod}} results in ‎ Tod:
    • The link is changed to link to the German version of Jump (Jump -> Jump/de
    • The displayed text is changed to the translated version of "Death" ("Tod")