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rocket jumping

ok guys can we change all instances of "rocket jumping" in here to "grenade jumping" cuz 1. its a grenade and 2. its inconsistent with the title --louis

Hm rocket seems to be more popular in general. Although when used as a single word, grenade is similar in popularity to rocket:
number of results in Discord text search on
grenade rocket
"{}" 529 670
"{} jump" 9 51
"{}jump" 0 12
"{} fly" 5 19
"{}fly 3 95
I don't think changing rocket jumping to grenade jumping is a good idea. We could think about changing grenade to rocket, but I don't know the difference between "rocket" and "grenade" and in the source code ( it is always referred to as grenade.
--Zwelf (talk) 17:31, 16 April 2022 (UTC)