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Monster Mod

This article describes the new version of Monster

Mod made by Neox

Mod authors: Neox76 and H-M-H

In the Monster mod, you need to kill monsters to earn points and use those points to upgrade weapons. Then, use these upgraded weapons to kill more monsters, and so on.


Before the next wave arrives

Image before wave
  • Next Wave: The next wave is the X wave.
  • X seconds left: There are X seconds left until the next wave.
  • During this time, you can type /shop in the chat or open the Esc menu for shopping if you want to buy something
  • Tip: You can actually shop even during a wave.

Current wave

Image during wave
  • Wave X: Current wave
  • Alive Monster: Amount of monsters that are still alive
  • Queued Monster: Monsters waiting to spawn, generated after the death of Alive Monsters
  • Health: Your health
  • PS: The maximum value for Alive Monsters is 16, Queued Monsters can exceed a hundred.

Types of monsters

Monsters are divided into a total of 6 types



  • The most basic early-game monster
  • Will pull the nearest player towards itself and hammer them


  • This monster will shoot projectiles at players from a distance.
  • It becomes extremely powerful in the later stages.


  • Shotgunner
  • Shoots at close-range players, dealing more damage the closer they are.


  • Grenadier
  • Launches grenades at players, and in the later stages, it may fire multiple grenades at once.


  • Laser Trooper
  • Fires lasers at players from a distance, dealing high damage.


  • Assaulter
  • Engages players with high damage and fast movement speed, performing rapid assaults.

Shop - Upgrades

In the chat, you can initiate shopping by typing /shop or pressing Esc to open the menu.

  • 1.Get Ninja: 10 Points
  • 2.Get All Weapons: 15 Points
  • 3.Increase Maximum Health: 15 Points = 1 Health
  • 4.Health and Armor Auto Regen: 20 Points
  • 5.Auto Shooting: 20 Points (Effective for Pistols and Hammers only)
  • 6.Landmine: 30 Points
  • 7.Infinite Ammo: 30 Points
  • 8.Gain Vampiric Trait, absorb Monster's health and shield: 40 Points
  • 9.Bullet Spread: 50 Points
  • 10.Rapid Fire: 50 Points
  • 11.Floating Cannon: 60 Points
  • 12.Reflect Half Damage: 60 Points
  • 13.Obtain Rainbow Artifact - You need to buy all the upgrades: 100 Points
  • Tip 1: Rainbow Artifact requires purchasing all upgrades except Ninja.
  • Tip 2: To increase maximum health, enter the desired increment in the reason.
  • PS: The Rainbow Artifact will increase the bullet count and firing speed of all weapons. Also, your Tee character will become colorful.


HUMMER In this mod, when your shield is full, swinging the hammer allows you to place a laser wall to eliminate monsters. After placing the wall, you lose all your shields.

  • You can place up to 2 laser walls at most.
  • The laser wall disappears after killing 10 monsters.
  • Tip: When you have landmines, place the laser wall first before placing the landmine, rather than placing them both simultaneously.

Death Judgment

  • Falling into the void or committing suicide will lead to respawn at the cost of -1 Point.
  • If killed by a group of monsters, you cannot be revived.
  • If knocked into the void but not killed by monsters, you can be revived.