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    Edge jump refers to the act of jumping to or from the edge of a block that contains usually freeze, teleport, or a kill tile. Edging these tiles is made possible because the hitbox of them is smaller than their visual appearance. The tee can go up to halfway into the freeze visually before they are considered in that tile. Kill tiles have a larger hit box, so edging them is much more difficult. See Collision for more info on hitboxes.

    Single and double freeze edge jump[edit | edit source]

    Going to the other side of a one-tile and two-tile freeze block are easily doable with enough practice. Simply jump, and on the way down go in the direction of the other edge. Practice should make perfect here.

    Triple freeze edge jump[edit | edit source]

    Going to the other side of a three-tile freeze block is inconsistent if you don't know what you're doing. Successfully going to the other side of the edge is only made possible when on specific x-coordinates - which also makes it possible to go to the other side 100% of the time, assuming you are on the correct spot. To check your coordinates, press Ctrl + Shift+ D. The coordinates are on the right hand side of the screen - only the decimal place of the x-coordinate is useful in this case. After DDNet 16.2, you can check your coordinates by open the "Show player position" in Settings > Appearance > HUD > DDRace HUD.

    The x-coordinates are as such:

    Direction X-coordinates
    Going to the right .62 .66 .81
    Going to the left .34 .31 .16

    Once you are on the right coordinates, you can either tap jump and the direction at the same time (which may be inconsistent), or make it guaranteed by using binds:

    bind x "+jump, +right"  

    Misc Techniques[edit | edit source]

    Auto edge jump[edit | edit source]

    When using double jump against an edge and quickly holding the jump button down again, it is possible to automatically jump off of it right when you reach it. An example of a map that is designed around this mechanic is Toe Taps.