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DDRace (dummy drag race) is a cooperative Teeworlds modification. It is based on skill, cooperation and strategy to complete maps together with other players. The current biggest DDRace community DDraceNetwork published as its own game, but keeping compatibility with Teeworlds.


The origins of DDRace is a simple CTF modification[1] where both teams try to capture the flag as fast as possible but can interfere with each other.


The basis of DDRace, created by Nox Nebula and aede, improved upon racemod. [N]Race introduced the Hammerfly mechanic[2].



Originally developed by 3DA based on [N]Race[3], it was maintained through it's lifetime by GreyFox@Gti It was rewritten from scratch when updating to 0.5-trunk by btd and GreYFoX.


DDMax (DDracemaX) was a server provider and maintained their version of DDRace from 2009 to 2014



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  • Created in 2012
  • Allegedly only hosted good maps.
  • Had a TeamSpeak 3 server
  • Developers were on a Quakenet irc channel.

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