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Block is a PvP mode in which players attempt to kill each other by putting them in freeze tiles. It's heavily focused on elusive movement and quick reactions. The game is played on custom maps, with only a few being the most popular and well-played.

Gameplay Mechanics

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Map Features

Many block maps feature a race path leading to a finish line.

An example of a main block area on a block map
An example of a main block area on a block map
  • The race may have multiple paths, either stemming from spawn or stemming from somewhere along the main path.
  • Often, finishers are awarded with certain power-ups or weapons upon reaching the finish line. In some cases, an additional challenge may need to be completed in order to receive rewards.
  • There is often a designated "main block area", which is designed for player versus player (PvP) combat. This area is usually located at a short distance from the starting point, so players are not able to instantly respawn in the area after being defeated.

Server modifications

Block is often played on regular DDRace/DDNet servers, but there are also specific block extensions in mods.

  • DDWar
  • BW (BlockWorlds)
  • F-DDRace
  • S-DDRace
  • DDNet++
  • Tournament

Relevant maps

  • blmapV3 - by Prinz Pi
  • blmap4 (blmap AN) - by Prinz PIi
  • blmapV5 - by TUG
  • Starblock - by Stardust
  • Multimap - by TPaul
  • Multeasymap - by Cøke, Tridemy, Welf & TPaul
  • xyz_ddrace2 - by Oy
  • blmapV3ROYAL - by TODO (based on Starblock, xyz_ddrace2 and blmapV3)
  • BlmapChill - by NewTee, ChillerDragon, pepe & fokkonaut (Inspired by blmapV5)
  • Stefan3on3 - by TODO (by fstd?)

Other Information

Server Complications

Teeworlds server owners have been involved in a long and complex rivalry, which has led to the creation and destruction of many servers over time. There have been a number of allegations made against different owners, some supported by evidence and some unsubstantiated, regarding DDoS attacks.

Block Community

Block, being a highly PvP-focused mode, can lead to toxic attitudes, although this is not necessarily specific to Block.

Block has no single dominant server network. In addition to popular servers like Bombay, players can also be found on servers like Law Multimap and the Multieasymap Playground on DDrace.

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