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Block is a PvP mode in which tees attempt to kill other tees by putting them into freeze tiles. Block is heavily centered around elusive movement and fast reaction times. Block is played on custom maps, with a select few being the most played and most popular.

Gameplay Mechanics

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Map Features

Many block maps feature a race path leading to a finish line.

An example of a main block area on a block map
An example of a main block area on a block map
  • The race may have multiple paths, either stemming from spawn or stemming from somewhere along the main path.
  • Often, finishers are rewarded with certain power-ups or weapons at the finish line (sometimes, an additional challenge must be completed for rewards).
  • There is often a "main block area", designed for block fights and PvP. Most of the time, the main block area is a short distance from spawn, so players cannot instantly respawn into the area.

Other Information

Server Complications

Teeworlds block servers have been in a long-winded state of rivalry, leading to the birth and death of many servers over time. A number of allegations, some evidenced and some not, have been made against various owners in regards to DDoS attacks.

Block Community

Block, being a heavily PvP centered mode, can harbor toxic attitudes, although this isn't necessarily specific to block.

Block has no single dominant server network - apart from popular servers such as Bombay, block players can be seen on servers like Law Multimap servers and the Multeasymap Playground on DDrace.

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