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    Shotgunfly is a very rarely seen flying technique in DDNet maps. It is not possible to stay in the air using a shotgun alone, but it can be done with two players. One of the players would usually be frozen deep. The other one has the shotgun.

    The idea behind Shotgunfly is that the player dragging the dummy shoots themselves with a shotgun just after the dummy bumps into them from below. The bump from the dummy slightly increases the player's height, and the shot from the shotgun accelerates this height increase, allowing the player to stay in the air.

    In order to perform Shotgunfly, the map must have a nearby unhookable ceiling and shotgun part. It is recommended to start the technique from a solid platform.

    Because Shotgunfly requires narrow, mostly horizontal corridors and a high level of skill, it is not commonly found in normal DDNet maps.

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    General Principle

    To initiate a shotgunfly, start somewhere where it is possible (low unhookable ceiling, shotgun). When both are on ground. Hook the dummy and jump to the top-left or top-right.

    • Hit yourself using the shotgun after the dummy bumped you (2x)
      • This requires you to aim at a spot on the ceiling so that the reflection beam hits you (when you start to move to the left/right). Basically predicting your movement.
      • You want to start to move to the left or right once you shoot the shotgun until a bit after the reflection beam hit you (dummy starts to go up again)
    • Every second time the laser hits you, you want to aim down in the direction of your dummy and rehook it
    • Repeat

    Without a lot of practice it is unlikely to hit it every single time

    Example maps that implemented a Shotgunfly

    A few maps you could check out in practice mode to get better at this fly:


    • ★★★★★ miA
      • Second challenge starting from the end