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At the beginning of each game, a player is designated as the "zombie." Using a hammer, they must infect another target that is being defended by the other players using weapons and laser walls. A "round" ends when the time runs out or when all players are infected.

The "Infection" mod (InfClass).

Starting with a random human becoming a zombie, Zombies vs. Humans. Humans win by surviving until the end of the time limit.

Character Abilities Overview

Note: Press Tab to see all player characters. Type /help followed by the character's name in English in the chat to check their abilities and features. For example: "/help hero"

Team of people

At the beginning, select with the mouse. Choosing a random character grants full shields.

  • Scientist
    • Weapons: Hammer, Pistol, Teleport Gun, Laser Gun (has explosive area damage, shooting too close causes self-damage)
    • Ability: Hammer can place two laser mines. Weapon 4 is the Teleport Gun. (Note: After killing 6 or more zombies with the laser mines, Scientist has a chance to gain "White Hole." When triggered, three light dots will revolve around the player, accompanied by a text prompt. Using the laser will attract and kill zombies in a certain range.)
  • Engineer
    • Weapons: Hammer, Pistol, Laser Gun
    • Ability: Use the hammer to set up a laser wall that instantly kills zombies. Lasts for 30 seconds, with each zombie killed reducing durability by 1 second. Undead zombies passing through do not consume durability.
  • Biologist
    • Weapons: Hammer (instant zombie kill), Pistol, Shotgun (bullets can bounce off floors/walls), Laser Trip Mine
    • Ability: Place a laser trip mine with the laser gun. Has a cooldown, and laser gun ammo refills after each shot.
  • Looper
    • Weapons: Hammer, Grenades, Laser Gun
    • Ability: Hammer places a slowing wall that lasts 60 seconds. Each zombie passing through the wall slows for 3 seconds, and the wall loses 1 second of durability per zombie. Laser gun applies a 1-second slow to zombies.
  • Medic
    • Weapons: Hammer (instant zombie kill), Pistol, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher (gives self shields), Laser Gun
    • Ability: Hammer adds shields to humans. When health is above 18 HP, you can use the laser to turn a zombie into a human. (Note: Consumes 10 shields and 9 health, only effective when there are more than 5 zombies.)
  • Sniper
    • Weapons: Hammer, Pistol, Laser Gun
    • Ability: Triple jump, high damage from the laser gun, hammer deals double damage when fixed in position.
  • Soldier
    • Weapons: Hammer, Pistol, Grenades
    • Ability: Hammer places remote-controlled bombs. Each placement can explode three times. The bomb damages yourself, so be careful not to blow yourself up.
  • Ninja
    • Weapons: Knife, Pistol, Grenades
    • Ability: Ninja knife allows for quick, consecutive kills. Note that you can only use it twice in mid-air before landing.
  • Hero
    • Weapons: Pistol, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Laser Gun
    • Ability: A diverse set of weapons, requires finding flags. Upon flag pickup, all humans gain 1 health, 4 shields, and full ammo. The Hero receives a floating cannon, up to a maximum of three (placed with a hammer).
  • Mercenary
    • Weapons: Hammer, Pistol, Grenades
    • Ability: Hammer places heart-shaped traps that, when triggered by zombies, prevent them from infecting humans within the covered area for a short duration. Pistol has significant recoil, shooting downward allows for flying.

Team of zombie

Zombie characters are randomly assigned at the beginning or when a human player gets infected.

  • Hunter
    • More agile, has triple jump, can bypass certain human defenses.
  • Smoker
    • Hook deals 3 damage and provides life leech (3 HP) when hooked to a human.
    • Attack causes a 3x3 area explosion, sacrificing oneself in the process. Exploding near humans results in their death, and the explosion's shockwave can send teammates into the air.
  • Spider
    • Scroll the mouse wheel to switch web modes. If humans forcibly pass through spider silk, they will get stuck. Do not hook humans directly with web mode.
  • Voodoo
    • Gets 1 second of extra life after death, allowing for a brief attack period when forcibly passing human defenses (e.g., laser walls, laser trip mines).
  • Witch
    • Can resurrect other zombies as respawn points. Randomly becomes a different infected type upon death.
  • Bat
    • Has infinite jumps, hammer damage is 3, hook damage is 1, hooked humans can be leeched twice.
  • Undead
    • Enters a 10-second sleep after "death." Can be quickly awakened by other zombies through hammering. Regular weapons cannot kill it, only terrain or the Medic's conversion can reverse it to a human.
  • Ghost
    • Not visible from afar. Only becomes visible when near humans or launching an attack.
  • Slug
    • Hammer sprays toxic liquid on the ground and walls. Humans passing by get poisoned, losing 5 HP over time. Other zombies passing by slowly regain health (faster than in infection zones).
  • Ghoul
    • Automatically absorbs "souls" from dead zombies, increasing hunger (0% to 100%). The higher the hunger, the redder the color, and the more health, speed, and strength it gains. An imbalanced presence in the game.

Tactics and Strategies

Hook Protection and Unhooking Both human and zombie characters have "hook protection" by default to prevent accidental displacement from being hooked by teammates. To hook teammates, both must press the F3 key to unhook.

Zombies Healing Each Other Zombies can heal each other quickly by hammering each other.

Zombies Approaching from Above If certain maps allow humans to hold high ground, zombies can use Hammer Fly after releasing hook protection to attack from above. Boomer zombies can quickly send another zombie to attack from the air through self-detonation.

Zombies Forcing Attacks from the Front Undead: Has the undead trait, can forcibly impact human defenses, but humans can imprison undead through the 10-second sleep feature after undead death. Voodoo: Gets 1 second of extra life after death, allowing for a brief attack period after forcibly passing human defenses (e.g., laser walls, laser trip mines).

Human "Taxi" Group Combats After releasing hook protection with the F3 key or your bound vote key, hook humans who have also released hook protection to form a "Taxi." This allows for cooperative fighting.

Mercenary Pistol Flying Taxi Combination Assign the Mercenary as the Taxi driver. The Mercenary uses their pistol to fly the "Taxi," and the passengers fire from above. This strategy concentrates firepower and leverages each human character's unique abilities.

Zombie "Taxi" Group Combats Unhook a Bat after releasing hook protection with the F3 key, allowing the hooked zombie to take flight. This can transport all zombies to high ground blocked by Engineer defenses.

HammerFly Both zombies release hook protection with F3, allowing them to use HammerFly similar to DDNet's gameplay. Zombies can hang onto a flying zombie, achieving flight.

Medic x Soldier x Medic Taxi - Dual Medic Suicide Car Two Medics take positions as the driver and passenger of a car. One Medic must constantly heal the other Medic, as the Soldier continuously places and detonates bombs that damage him. This strategy allows for quick healing and keeps the Soldier alive during bomb detonations. It's better if the bottom Medic can drive.