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Ball Sports mode is a PVP match mode played as a team against each other. This mode is usually played with Grenade as game props.

General Rules

Players are divided into two balanced teams to play against each other. Some time after the start of each round, howitzers, hereafter called balls, are refreshed in a fixed area on the field. Touching the ball allows the player to pick it up and fire it at any angle. If the ball does not touch the goal directly but touches a wall, the ground or the ceiling during the launch process, the corresponding interaction effect will occur depending on the current game mode. Once the ball is shot into the goal, the score is calculated and the round is over. The game ends when the score of any team reaches the required number of points.

About the ball

When the ball is refreshed, the chat area will show "Ball Respawned" and any player will pick it up. If the player holding the ball does not fire it for a long time after picking it up, the ball will automatically fire. (The amount of shield is the maximum length of time to hold the ball) After the ball holder respawns, the ball will automatically fire in the direction the player was facing before respawning. Any player may hammer the ball-wielding player to grab the ball in their possession. If the ball is left untaken for a long time in a non-howitzer state, the ball will disappear on its own and reappear at the refresh point after a period of time in the form of a howitzer.


Normal Scoring

When a player shoots the ball into the opponent's goal, a normal score is scored. The screen will show "XXX scored for red/blue team".


When a player shoots the ball into his team's goal, a goal is scored. The screen will show "XXX scored for red/blue team".

Passes to score

If the goal scorer scores a pass from another player within a short period of time, a pass is scored and the screen displays "XXX scored for red/blue team with a pass from YYY".


The ball play is very different in different modes.

Basketball (English: basketball)

How to score: Shoot the ball into the basket above the two teams to score. There are five maps in basketball mode, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and a reduced version of 1.0, with 1.0 being the most classic map.


How to score: Shoot the ball into the goals of both teams to score


The map in tennis mode usually has a green high table and a dead zone that separates the two teams. How to score: Shoot the ball into the ground beyond the high table to score.

  • Bug: The ball refresh point embedded in the dead zone does not kill the player, which can sometimes cause the player to pass through the ball refresh point to get through the dead zone.


Volleyball mode usually has a net on the map that is similar in nature to the dead zone in tennis mode, with ground and water on either side of the net. Scoring method: shoot the ball into the ground to score points, shoot into the water surface does not score points. Volleyball mode has four seasonal themed maps: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

  • The net in volleyball mode has the same bugs as in tennis mode.


In spaceball mode, the player is subjected to lower gravity. Also the ball and the goal are hidden in the instant death zone. How to score: Shoot the ball into the goal to score.


Table tennis mode with a high table and a barrier made of instant dead zones. Scoring method: Throwing the ball to the ground outside the high table to score points.

  • Table tennis mode has the same bugs as tennis mode.


In Forbidden Ball mode, each player stands within a small area enclosed by an instant-death zone. The ball appears at the top of the field, and players can release the hook and loop to earn the right to serve. How to score: Shoot the ball into the goal to score.


Similar to Spaceball.


Similar to tennis, but with an extra pedal. How to score: Shoot the ball into the goal to score.


Similar to basketball, but with a more complex terrain map and two vertical walls for the goals.