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Here you can find a collection of frequently asked questions. If you want to know how to contribute to this wiki, you can take a look at How to contribute.

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Technical Questions

Where is the DDNet config, config directory or save directory?


Old: %appdata%\Teeworlds

New: %appdata%\DDNet


Old: ~/.teeworlds

New: ~/.local/share/ddnet


Old: ~/Library/Application Support/Teeworlds

New: ~/Library/Application Support/DDNet

Inside the settings_ddnet.cfg file will be your configurations/settings. The config directory can also be used as data directory to replace skins or other files, without modifying the client's data directory (Note: it has the same directory structure as the data directory).

My game skin, entities, autoexec or any other file was overwritten by an update, why?

During development we regularly replace, update, or remove files. The updater will overwrite any changes made to the data and binary directories. To make sure that your personal modifications don't get lost use the config directory instead, it has the same directory structure as the "data"-directory that comes with the client.

Is there any documentation about the DDraceNetwork code?

The Development page and some blog posts may help you. You can also find auto-generated docs from Doxygen here: https://codedoc.ddnet.org/.

The game warns me about images, whose width or height are not divisible by #number, which causes visual bugs, what does it mean?

Texture bleeding because of incorrect resolution

The game tries to give you and graphic designers the best experience. In order to achieve that, it defines clear rules for the layout of its graphics, so that the artists can rely on consistency while creating their work.

For example: In Teeworlds the tile maps are small images inside a bigger image for a total of 16x16 images (tile images). In order to render these tile maps correctly the game needs the image width and height to be divisible by 16, otherwise it can not determine where to split the tilemap into smaller images which represent a single tile. And thus something called "texture bleeding" occurs, which is quite common in texture atlasses.

You can search the internet for more information about that.

"No answer from server yet."?

It is likely the server is down or not reachable from the client, probably due to DoS attacks. You can try again later or visit Troubleshooting#Network / Connection problems for more information about how to verify that your internet connection is fine.

The servers I play in are gone. What happened?

First, check if you don't have any filters on that can reduce the amount of servers shown. If this is not the case, keep reading below.

This is a problem that can happen from time to time.

This is a little guide to help as a workaround until it gets fixed.

If you visit ddnet.org/status/ and your region server says it's up, this means there is a problem that leads to some (or every) servers to not appear in the server list. However, you can still connect to them via IP.

Here is a list of servers domains that you can use to connect from your DDNet Client:

  • Germany2 ger2.ddnet.org
  • Germany10 ger10.ddnet.org
  • Poland pol.ddnet.org
  • Russia rus4.ddnet.org
  • Turkey1 tur.ddnet.org
  • Turkey2 tur2.ddnet.org
  • Persian irn.ddnet.org
  • Saudi Arabia sau.ddnet.org
  • Chile chl2.ddnet.org
  • Brazil bra.ddnet.org
  • Argentina arg.ddnet.org
  • Peru per.ddnet.org
  • USA1 usa1.ddnet.org
  • USA2 usa2.ddnet.org
  • China0 chn0.ddnet.org
  • China1 chn11.ddnet.org
  • China2 chn2.ddnet.org
  • China3 chn3.ddnet.org
  • China4 chn4.ddnet.org
  • China5 chn5.ddnet.org
  • China6 chn6.ddnet.org
  • China7 chn7.ddnet.org
  • China8 chn8.ddnet.org
  • China9 chn9.ddnet.org
  • China12 chn12.ddnet.org
  • China13 chn13.ddnet.org
  • Taiwan twn.ddnet.org
  • Korea kor.ddnet.org
  • Singapore sgp2.ddnet.org
  • India ind.ddnet.org
  • Australia aus.ddnet.org
  • South Africa zaf3.ddnet.org

Note that if you don't find your region in the previous link, it probably means that the region does not have servers, or they were removed due to different problems with the hoster or not having enough players. If you have a good hoster, and want to share it, or even if you want to sponsor a region, join the DDNet Discord server and talk to an admin about it, they will be very grateful! If you want to make a donation for any server, check out ddnet.org/funding/.

Highlight a domain with your mouse, press ctrl+C to copy, go to the server browser in DDNet Client, and paste with ctrl+V into the Server address field at the bottom. Remember to add port (e.g. usa1.ddnet.org:8308).

  1. Try ports greater or less than 8300 (port 8300 is always tutorial server) e.g. 8308, 8298 ... for most servers. For BLOCKER servers, use 8203 or 8204.
  2. If you want an empty server, change port until you get one.
  3. Once you connect, add it to your favorites. If you leave, you should be able to connect to it again by just double clicking on the IP in the Favorites tab.

One small recommendation is to favorite all the servers you regularly play in, so when this problem happens, you have them ready to just join from your Favorites list.

Problems related to the graphics renderer?

Check out GFX Troubleshooting.

Gameplay Related

How to play with my friends only?

There are multiple ways to achieve this:

  1. Join an empty official DDNet server, and vote any map you want in Escape -> Call Vote, or use "/map" in chat to search for a map. Join a team using "/team 23" in chat, you can /lock the team and /invite others to join it too. This means others can watch you play, and you get official ranks when you finish the map.
  2. Use a public service to host a public server, like Trashmap: https://trashmap.ddnet.org/ You can upload any map you want, but you won't get official ranks this way.
  3. Create a LAN Server, and set it up to be public.

What's weak and strong hook?

You can find information about this at the Hook page.

How to save and load a run?

You can use command /save to save your run in Team or in a solo map and get a code. You can also type /save "your code" to use your own code. The run can be restored again with /load "code" command. Inside the config directory there is a file called ddnet-saves.txt, it will contain the save codes.

Make sure that every player has the same name to load. You and your team members need to be in a team and not have touched the start line to load a save game. Each save game can only be loaded once, so repeat the above steps if you need to save again.

Design Related

How to make a map or skin?

See Mapping, Skin creation and Resources in general.

How do I upload my map to the official server?

If you want to upload your map to the official server, your map should comply with and follow the map creation guidelines. Once you think your map meets all the requirements, you can submit it for review in the submit-maps channel on Discord.

How can I get other players to see the skin that I created?

There are two ways to get other players to see your custom skin:

  1. Others manually add your skin to their game files by pasting it in the skins folder in the config directory.
  2. Your skin gets added to the official skin database and automatically downloaded for all other players.

If you are interested in the second option, your skin must meet a set of requirements in order to keep consistency with other skins in the database and the game's style:

  • Resolution is 256x128
  • Outline sizes consistent with other skins
  • Fits the tee hitbox well
  • No missing, misaligned or cut off parts
  • No sharp or floating pixels
  • No effects that clash with the game's art style (blur, glow etc.)
  • Not too detailed or too plain
  • Not an edit of an existing skin
  • No elements that could be considered offensive

If you think your skin meets all of them, send it to one of the Skin Database Crew on discord for evaluation.