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TeeWare is a Teeworlds mod based on DDNet, inspired by the other mods TF2Ware and SRB2Ware, which are also inspired by the WarioWare game series by Nintendo.

Your goal is to be on top of the scoreboard by winning 20 rounds of fast-paced minigames that the game throws at you, which last 10 seconds or less. Halfway into the game at 10 rounds the game will speed up, and the speed will be reset to normal on the boss round. The boss minigames are more complex, and last an average between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

At the end, the player with the highest score wins, and will be given the ability to splat everyone on the lobby! A few seconds after this intermission, all player scores are reset to zero and the game loops once more.[1]