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    Teetow describing how some of the Teeworlds sound effects were made

    This is a list of remarkable events that happened during DDraceNetwork's lifetime and leading up to it. If you want to get a better overview, look at https://ddnet.org/news/

    Events directly related to DDNet are marked bold.

    Teewars closed beta[edit | edit source]

    • 2001: Matricks and Teetow form initial development team of "shootout". Matricks is responsible for coding, Teetow for making the music and sound effects.[1]
    • 2003-04-11: Game is named Teewars[2]
    • 2003-05-05: Hook is added to Teewars[2]
    • 2007-05-17 - 2007-05-20: Teewars developers meet at Birdie[3][4] - Uppsala's biggest LAN party

    Teewars open beta[edit | edit source]

    The teewars logo
    • 2007-05-20: Teewars 0.1 released[5]
    • 2007-08-05: Teewars 0.2 released[6] with Ninja as new weapon[7]
    The look and feel of teewars 0.3

    Teeworlds[edit | edit source]

    • 2008-03-22: Teewars renames to Teeworlds[10]
    • 2008-03-22: Teeworlds 0.4 released[11] allowing custom maps to be downloaded from the game server[12]
    • 2008-07-08: Teeworlds becomes open source[13]
    • 2009-01-13: Teeworlds 0.5 released[14] increasing max clients from 12 to 16[15][16]
    • 2010-03-01: Start of DDracemaX (DDMax)[17]
    • 2010-08-29: Teeworlds developers shut down Teeworlds[18]
    • 2010-08-30: Main developer matricks revises decision and assigns new staff[19]
    • 2011-04-09: Teeworlds 0.6 released[20][21]
    • 2013-07-18: Beginning of DDNet with first finish[22]
    • 2014-10-09: DDracemaX (DDMax) shutdown[23]
    • 2015-04-18: DDNet starts releasing DDMax maps on their server[24]
    • 2015-08-24: Teeworlds on Steam released[25][26]
    • 2015-08-25: DDNet starts applying for Steam[27]
    • 2015-09-25: DDNet closes down (server shut down)[28]
    • 2015-09-28: DDNet keeps running[29]
    • 2015-10-19: DDNet gets approved on Greenlight and can get released on Steam[30]
    • 2018-10-14: Teeworlds 0.7 released[31] with two new game modes LMS and LTS
    • 2018-10-30; Teeworlds 0.7 release status set back to beta[32]
    • 2018-12-09: Teeworlds 0.7.1 released[33]
    • 2019-03-30: DDNet Client: Server browser tab for KoG servers[34]
    • 2019-10-15: DDNet: Hammer became a buffered weapon[35][36]: Hammer now buffers like Laser, Grenade and Shotgun. When your tee is frozen and you get unfrozen for one tick you can just hold down shoot-button and it will hammer when before you had to do a frame perfect input (used before in deepfly)
    • 2019-12-09: DDNet starts running DDNet7 servers additionally to the 0.6 servers[37]. allowing Teeworlds 0.7 players to finish maps on DDNet, exactly one year after the Teeworlds 0.7.1 release
    • 2020-05-27: Practice mode has been added to DDNet[38]
    • 2020-06-24: DDNet server supports Teeworlds 0.7 clients to play natively by Learath2 superseding DDNet7 servers[39]
    • 2020-08-17: DDNet is released on Steam[40][41]
    • 2022-09-23: DDNet switches from the ddnet.tw domain to the ddnet.org domain[42]

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